steering issues with MF 300 crawler loader

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steering issues with MF 300 crawler loader

Post #1 by Als Garage » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:27 pm

Are you guys still discussing MF 300 crawler steering issues? I have and MF 300 tracked loader and have intermittant steering issues.
Not 100% sure if it is brakes or clutches not releasing. Sometimes it will lock a track and steer on a dime and other times no matter how hard you stamp on the pedal it will only slowly drift off in that direction. Tried the bleeding nipple on the filter (steering clutch filter is the single one on the LHS in front of pedals. Twin filters on the other side are for the power shift. Next plan is to change filters but could use a bit of help to trouble shoot this problem. Maybe low steering clutch oil pressure but no sign of air in the system, full of clean oil and no visible suction side leaks. Might run it into a bucket for 30seconds to make sure pump is working ok and put a gauge in the system if I can find a port. Seems slightly different adjustment on either side. Brake are moves a bit when you push LHS but not on RHS.
Could use a maintenance manual if any one has a pdf copy. Swap you for a parts manual. Would also like an operators manual.

Any help greatly appreciated. (also posted under dozers my mistake)


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