TV prog. NOT Destination Doha

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Re: TV prog. NOT Destination Doha

Post #11 by hair bear » Mon Mar 23, 2015 12:54 am

I remember Movin' On, a blue/white conventional KW. That came before BJ and the Bear.

From Truckers there was a 1628 Merc in green with Ireland in celtic script on it driven by The Eggman, the cab of which was spotted laying in a field in Staffordshire after the series finished. There was a phsycotic fitter I believe, beyond that it's making me cringe thinking about it.

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Re: TV prog. NOT Destination Doha

Post #12 by tctractors » Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:11 am

2 local to me transport outfits ran the Russian road, Peter Guilder (RussAnglia) and Ralph Davis, so the area around me is littered with ex Russian road drivers, 1 driver (Vinc) I know had been within astones throw of the Great Wall of China, some of these trips involved 12 weeks on the road, the diesel fuel is always bought in the bucket so you can see what you are getting as it might be water? when diesel is firstly bought a cup full is thrown onto the Ice, if it melts through the Ice its fit for the tank, if it freezes on the Ice its left in the pump,I have seen loads of photo's and the tales are many in relation to the "Off to Stan" trips this also includes the who left their Truck running the longest, as you could not shut the motor off in the low temp's, but 1 things for sure, the respect for the toughness of the Russian People was a solid fact.

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