3CX White Cab Restoration Madness & Questions

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Re: 3CX White Cab Restoration Madness & Questions

Post #21 by vino » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:01 pm

Will explore that option, thanks.

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Re: 3CX White Cab Restoration Madness & Questions

Post #22 by poitch » Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:28 pm

How is the rebuild going any updates?.

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Re: 3CX White Cab Restoration Madness & Questions

Post #23 by whitecab3cx » Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:50 pm


I don't think I can underestimate how much of a basket case this thing really is, it's only fit for scrap really, but the 'dream' of having a fully functional 3cx that's handy to roam about the place in is too much to surrender, and I'm not a man to shrink from a challenge... dogged determined, I think I got it from my father ;)

Speaking of my father, he decided the best time to use it would be in a hot tin shed when it was 30 degrees outside without checking the oil and coolant so he borked the engine. Looks like it's cracked a ring. Luckily I know an expert diesel mechanic, a guy retired from the British navy, and to him an old Leyland engine is like a piece of cheese in terms of simplicity so... full rebuild pending.

In the meantime, I spent 60 hours (no really) bringing just the front bucket back to life. The troglodytes who had it previously used the front bucket repeatedly to scrape up an old concrete yard without a wear plate/cutting blade to the point they wore off the bottom of the front bucket, the bucket split completely, and it was completely out of shape. Using a mental combination of plate steel, a new blade, ratchet straps, bottle jacks, and FOUR BOXES of welding rods, I got it back into shape.

...then flipped it upside down and realised all the mounts were cracked underneath so I welded all of those as well :D Had I know the mounts were borked I wouldn't have bothered with that phase.

At the moment the main focus is the cab and cab floor and all the various plastics and bits and pieces, but like I said, no surrender ;) Pics to follow!

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