JCB 3/3C/3D timeline

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JCB 3/3C/3D timeline

Post #1 by Martyn Henley » Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:37 pm

Due to requests for a time line for the JCB 3 series i thought i would give this a go, many thanks to JCB, Michael Irwin and few others for information that i have gathered, and from my own memories.
The first JCB 3 first started out in life in 1960, this was after a small team was put together at JCB's to design a smaller version of the JCB 4.
The first preproduction model was first aired at the Crystal Palace Plant show in the summer of 1961, powered by a Fordson Power Major skid unit, but what this machine pioneered was the JCB Hydraslide allowing the backhoe to be positioned anywhere across the frame.

This photo shows one of the preproduction machines to be shown at the plant show, notice the rounded mudguards, the rounded front bucket, and the boom and dipper differed slightly to the production model.
I believe that there was only 3 preproduction models made.
In November of 1961 the JCB 3 went into production, with some improvements, the Power major skid unit was replaced by the Super Major skid unit, mudguards and front bucket were "squared off" and the boom and dipper were redesigned.
jcb3pro 001.jpg

JCB 3C was first introduced in March 1963, it was announced as a more powerful version of the JCB 3, the machine was powered by the same skid unit as the JCB 3 and was aimed for the Plant hire market and medium sized contractors.
jcb3cpro 001.jpg

With both the 3 and 3C production lines in full swing JCB brought some changes to the machines, a side door was also introduced on both machines and a few cosmetic changes to design, like the complete redesign of the JCB 3 cab
jcbpro64 001.jpg

jcb3cpro64 001.jpg

Saw for the first time the JCB 3D, more powerful than the others, with a completely new look, its new look was worked on over the years for a replacement for the 2, 3, and 3C, and to create as many common parts as possible.


The year also saw the last upgrade to the 3C, with new dashboard, new BMC Nuffield 4/65 skid unit and different badges.
jcb3cpro3 001.jpg

Also the introduction of the 3mk2.

Saw the much awaited launch of the Mk2 range and the 3mk3. the 3 was a mix match of 2D body and cab, 2B boom, 3C dipper and 3C front loading arms.
jcb3cmk2pro 001.jpg

The price for a brand new 1968 JCB 3Cmk2 was £3.852

A few modifications were made to the 3Cmk2, the most noticeable was the redesigned cab for the 3C, also the introduction of a better side step up into the cab, making room for a larger tool compartment.
jcb3cmk1969 001.jpg

I have heard a couple of reason why JCB did away with the slanting cab, one was that operators were so used to standing up looking down at what the front bucket was doing in the old mk1 that they still did this on the mk2, but standing up in the mk2 straight away your head made contact with the slanted glass, but i think it was because the rain did not hinder the vision on the new cab.
This year saw the introduction of the parallel lift arms for 3D.

This year saw a few improvements to the side lights, giving them a rectangle lens, the lights where then positioned on the inside of the jack legs along the rear frame, a new full width dashboard, also this year saw the introduction of the white "Caribbean cab" with tinted glass. and the interior was covered with fixed black rubber matting as a optional extra.
jcb3c1971 001.jpg

White cab was now universal across the whole JCB range, new front axle and repositioned steering ram, redesigned front grill giving more protection to front axle and steering ram, carbon fibre dashboard and backhoe valve block cover, new foot hold at the bottom of the step, 3 lever controls for the loader with 6in1 front bucket, with self levelling, standard loading arms for the 3D, and the colour was changed from Lemon yellow to Yellow chrome.
jcb3c1973 001.jpg

Introduction of the JCB Extandahoe for the 3C and 3D

The JCB mk3 range
jcb3cmk3 001.jpg

The mk3 range was more visual on the 3C and 3D, the most noticeable change was the cab, a whole 6ins taller, with an extra 6ins on the steering wheel height, thick carbon fibre dashboard and backhoe valve bock cover. JCB also did away with the refuelling cap under the cab, it was put on top of the tank in front of the cab, so at last no more jacking up the nearside of the machine to refuel without it blowing back on you, so it left room for a opening under the cab door. the backhoe levers were also redesigned, and a bottom side step was added. Also last but not least, a full height chrome exhaust stack.
The last variant of the machine was the Powertrain version. This version was used to test the engine and transmission for the much awaited 3CX.

I hope this will be of interest to anyone, this will be a information only thread so no one can add any posts, any comments or you know something that i have missed out please PM me.

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Re: JCB 3/3C/3D timeline

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