TS24 8V-71 Help required

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Re: TS24 8V-71 Help required

Post #21 by Jeremy Rowland » Mon May 22, 2017 7:34 am

Mark Williams wrote:Hello Jeremy,
A good friend of mine who has a great deal of experience on DDs suggested, if the TS 24 is only used as a show piece, is to drop the oil pan on a dry place of repair & lay a clean piece of cardboard under the engine for a few hours & see if there is any sign of diesel leaking down a particular cylinder. It will lead you in a more direct position, maybe a dribbling injector & so forth. Just a suggestion.
Mark Williams.

Thanks Mark I think that the conclusion was that it was probably an injector leaking down one of the bores as the engine does not run very often; the oil has been changed again and the engine run and checked, so far no more derv in the oil so they are going to monitor it and try and run the engine up on a bit more regular basis. :thumbup:


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