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Re: Dumper restoration

Post #51 by essexpete » Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:50 pm

Oil pressure more likely to fall with rising engine temperature.

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Re: Dumper restoration

Post #52 by FOWLER MAN » Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:17 pm

Studu wrote:Now that my AVA1 is running I noticed that there was no oil circulating up from the oil filter assembly via a pipe up to the rocker box. I thought it was probably choked up with oil sludge so I dismantled the filter housing and cleaned all the compartments, pipes and pressure reducing valves. I checked progress by hand turning and got oil as far as the final reducing valve before it enters the ascending pipe up to the rocker box. Thus I know that the filter assembly is clear but there does not seem to be enough oil pressure to get it up to the rocker box. Any ideas? Does the oil pressure build up when the engine warms up? Could it be an air lock? Do the reducing valves need adjustment?

The flow reducing valve in there behind the banjo bolt at the bottom of the ascending rocker feed pipe has a spring and plunger which can get gummed up or stuck or the small holes can block.
When you remove the banjo bolt from the bottom of the "ascending pipe" you should be able to
slide out a plunger and spring from behind it and clean it up.
If necessary the whole barrel will screw out after removing the banjo and pipe.
The plunger must slide freely in its housing and there is no adjustment.
Has your engine got an external oil filter, some of the early ones didn't. There is an adjustable oil pressure relief valve to set on both types. In the filter head if fitted or in the oil distributor bracket if not,


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