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Re: Poclain 75 CKB

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:21 pm
by Jeremy Rowland
A quick update here; I worked with Andrew a couple of weeks back to try and get the broken studs out, despite our best efforts every time a nut was welded to the broken stud it simply snapped a bit more off. :wtf:
To cut a long story short one of Andrew's lads knew somebody who removes broken studs for a profession (handy or what :P ) so I paid this chap to remove them for me.
I had this gut feeling that they would need to be drilled and heli-coiled and with something as precise as that I would rather leave it to a professional; besides it would have cost me to hire a mag-drill and carbide cutter as the old bolts were hardened so making a balls up of it was not on the cards. :dizzy:

The lad came and did the job please bear in mind that this lad does this job for a living and it took him five hours; two came out but the other three had to be drilled out and heli-coiled.
I did do some work on it today but in reality it was far too hot to work even though I made sure that I drank plenty of water; my first job was to remove any dirt and debris that I could see, I also cleaned the threads as there was no point fitting new bolts into dirty holes.
The first head is now back on the engine, yes I only got one done today but cleaning things up takes more time than you think plus the job on these engines is a real pig to do, I would not happily want to work on another Deutz engine unless it was out of the machine.

When I looked at the second head (actually no4) I could see that it had been off sometime in the past as there was a mark where I removed some compressed debris from their head removal job and they had failed to correctly align the 'fire ring' (head gasket) it has cut outs for where the bolts fit. :dizzy:
I have left the engine with that head just resting in place to help keep any dirt and muck out of the cylinder. :thumbup: