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Controlling engine speed manually?

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Controlling engine speed manually?

Post #1 by corksil » Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:57 pm

Hey, I had an issue with the throttle controller on my zx35u hitachi. To make a long story short, it broke and I'm still figuring out how to fix it.

It happened about 20 hours ago, and since then I have disconnected the throttle control cable (electronically controlled) and used a cable-tie to position the throttle lever where I need it to be.

Typically, there's an electric motor which pulls the throttle cable (connected to spring loaded throttle lever) and that is how the engine speed is controlled. The rotary/potentiometer switch up near the gauge cluster on the dashboard is how the engine speed is adjusted. Turning the switch clockwise increases the engine speed, and turning the switch counter-clockwise decreases the engine speed.

Because the switch/computer/whatever is having an issue, I've bypassed all of that stuff by putting a cable-tie directly on the throttle lever so I can manually control it's position/speed.

Has anyone ever heard of this being done before? Or any damage that may result? So far I don't have any issues and it has been about 20 hours of "manual" throttle control via my cable-tie.


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