3CX Hydraclamps - sideshift stuck !!

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3CX Hydraclamps - sideshift stuck !!

Post #1 by le.maisonniau » Thu Sep 27, 2018 8:37 pm

Hi Guys,
I am fortunate to be helping a mate out (over here in France) with an old Sitemaster 3CX.
He picked it up for a song, so am a bit jealous :-(. but happy to be 'back in the saddle' ;)

I checked it over for him, having had a sitemaster a few years back and got loads of help from guys on here. One of the big jobs I did was to replace all my Hydraclamp seals (see my old posts) This m/c is in fairly good order, with just one seal needing replacement, which I have done, it had not been tightened enough and had burst and was leaking. New seal in, no leaks :claphands:

There had been work done on the clamp seals in the past because the bolts are new, and the old locking washers show where the old bolts had been cut off :roll:

The problem is: I cannot get the m/c to slide. The m/c differs slightly from my old one in that the hydraclamp lock is spring loaded, mine was a flick from left to right to open and back again to lock. Also I am not fully convinced which lever opens/closes the clamps, I am fairly sure it is the scoop control !!!.
BUT again, slowly moving all levers whilst holding the spring loaded mini lever for clamp lock back, doesnt show any of the clamps moving. I managed to move the carriage left by 1/4inch .... I know its a bit of a technique but I mastered it for my old girl, so am happy that my assumption is that the carriage is stuck, or the clamps are not being freed.

Having given all 4 clamps a close inspection, one of them looks to be tooooo tight, - 1 am currently in the process of soaking the bolt with wd40 as I cannot move the nut ....

From what I remember, I used to be able to see my clamps open/close albeit slightly, so I knew when they were released.

Couple of questions then.
1: How is it possible to check if the hydraclamp lock is working (Visual - looking down the lever shaft sees it moving OK)
2: Could someone tell me which lever works the clamps ? I am assuming it is the scoop lever, but have worked them all and cannot see any movement on any clamps :-(
Machine is 1987 serial 330200:

There was oil in the pipes (clean) when I removed the clamp.

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Re: 3CX Hydraclamps - sideshift stuck !!

Post #2 by topkit » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:38 pm

I have had a few backhoes stuck over the past few years, on a 3CX , Case 590 and more lately a for D655 all of them eventually freed off, i usually put the boom and dipper straight out from the back then rest the bucket down on the ground hold the sideshift release lever and move the maching on the backhoe eventually even takeing the weight of the machine on the backhoe, they eventually give some movement once i have that i move the backhoe round to one side and jiggle it on the dipper boom and bucket then swing the backhoe round to the other side and do the same again, i squirted Plusgas around everything and after abou 1/2 hour everything freed off, i then slid the kingpost from side to side to get rid of the surface rust that builds up if you don't move them regularly.

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