DIY soil screener troubleshooting advice?

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DIY soil screener troubleshooting advice?

Post #1 by Markwood20 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:19 pm

Hi there,
Been a while since i was on here, mainly because the old 555c has been holding up and nothing has dropped off the old gal of late!

But im getting to the point where i need to get some serious use out of my soil screener and also getting a little stumped with what needs tweaking now to get it running to a satisfactory level!
I'm on v3 now. Overall the design hasn't altered as im fairly happy with it but has just been modified as i am trying to get to that sweet spot!

Its an 8'x4' vibratory screener with a 5.5hp 'Yangdong' engine (Honda GX160 but 1/2 the price).
Originally with 12 degree tilt, rubber anti vibration mounts which were custom ordered, 20mm 2kg off balance shaft running 1200-2000rpm with 1:1 Pulley ratio.

It worked but left a lot to be desired for so has had 1 complete rebuild of the screening bed due to excess flex and breakage of the welds, plus minor alteration to the running gear.
The rubber mounts were replaced with Dynapac CM13 compactor spring sets, bed tilt was upped to approx 20 degrees, additional bracing was added with the new bed, and the agitator bar was upped to a 30mm shaft and 6kg off balance weight. Drive speed was unavoidably altered to around 1000-1500rpm (I couldnt get a taper hub for the 30mm shaft to fit the original pulley so i used a larger pulley i had laying around!)

Now it screens a load like a champ but has a couple of minor issues i still need to address.
1. now throws off some un-screened material into waste pile which means the bed angle is now too steep for the new agitator bar (easy fix to flatten the bed back off to around 15 degrees)
2. when its fully loaded its fine, but as the load decreases it now has a habit of firing the clumps of soil all over like a volcano erupting :doh:
These aren't sticky chunks of clay but just clumps of soil that could easily be broken up with the back of a shovel!
I'm not sure if this is because of the lower rpm of the agitator?

I'm hoping that someone around here may have some experience and may might have a little advice so i can get it just about dab on with one last tweaking?
Time is now the issue as i only have weekends spare and i need to get it working rather than spending time tweaking it and testing it!

To give some idea of what the ground is like here... The pile of stone in the background came from just levelling the site prior to digging the foundations! I'm getting pretty cracked on with the new house build and really needing to get 30-40 ton of spoil shifted from around the house so that i can in with the loadall to get materials lifted up to the first storey and don't really have the space to move it without screening it first!
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