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taurus MK1
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Re: Board Tips

Post #11 by taurus MK1 » Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:20 pm

:? Hi Martyn, i tried posting another photo soon after my first attempt to get into the swing of things but the picture was too big, the first picture i posted that little box appeared asking if it needed to be smaller, alas i have never seen this box again!!!!!!

Cheers John

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Re: Board Tips

Post #12 by Robban_C » Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:45 am

bob wrote:do not now wot u meen i spel write ! :lol: bob

Haha! That almost looks like Dutch to me! :mrgreen: :thumbs_up:
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Martyn Henley
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Re: Board Tips

Post #13 by Martyn Henley » Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:18 pm

Gentlemen .. it would be great to view pictures that you have posted but :dizzy: oh dear some are being posted that are double F size and the viewer can not see the whole picture ..
And that to me defeats the whole point of putting pictures try using our image uploader ... it makes so much sense :thumbs_up:

So you want to post a picture..great ..first thing you will have to do is know where on your computer the pictures are that you want to show off you go and have a look, now remember the address where the picture are on your computer ...Now, before you go to the next stage,i want you to remember that when you follow the next stage a new page will appear, this message will appear in a panel called Topic review-board tips ..its near the bottom of the panel, you can read the next part of this post from there, saving you having to keep going back to the topic page...
right thats sorted now go to the bottom of the thread and click on POST REPLY and see you on the next page ...

great so far so good ... now then at the top of the screen is a clear panel that you write on, under that panel is a blue strip with Upload attachment written in orange ... there is a little button called Browse click on it .... now a smallish box will appear in your left hand corner that box is the inside working of your PC .. now can you remember where those pictures were in your PC ?... now select a picture from your computer click on it to open... now the address of that picture will appear in the box next to the browse button... next click the Add the file button and then another box will appear in the top left hand corner ... now wait till it finishes and the whole page will refresh its self... now in the bottom left hand corner of where your writing box is you will see a new button.. Place inline ... now when you have written what you want to say about the picture bring the cursor onto a new line underneath and leave it where it is flashing away ... now click on the Place in line button and your picture address will appear something like this [img]mypictureis[/img].. if in doubt click on the preview button and your picture will appear with your writting as it would appear in the thread..happy with it ..then click Submit ... if you want to practice then practice here but dont click the submit button ... now off you go and start posting with pictures in any of the threads you want to share with us ...
Hope this works for you ..if not Private message me


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