Some break pusher action

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Some break pusher action

Post #1 by Mrsmackpaul » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:05 am

Not really much to say, they use a lot of old crawlers for break pushers in the sugar cane industry
From IH TD and BTD 6's and 9's Cat D2's and 4's AC HD 6 little Komatsu little Fiats we seems to see them all

Anyway took some photos of D4E the other day sitting on the side of the road


You can see the old cane trailers and the fire tractor also used to shift the break pusher and for burning


Had either a BTD or TD 6 dunno how to tell the difference from a distance working on our farm today pushing breaks

You can see in the top photo the wings fold in to make it easier to transport and unfold to really push the cane right back over its self
The pushers generally have augers on the front to unravel the cane as most times a plant cane crop is so heavy it will be badly lodged


And the finished product
However most times today they roll a second drill to allow better access to the trucks as they can then drive over the cane with less chance of damage
Fire tractors are generally old Farmall tricycle's as the front wheels sit in the furrow and follow along down the break behind the person burning to put the fire our
We ware hoods and fire overalls and welding gloves as on a hot burn the tractor gets to hot to touch and we will have a wet potato sack drapped over our head and I can see the steam coming off when I come out the other end some times


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Re: Some break pusher action

Post #2 by essexpete » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:57 pm

Interesting Paul!

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