JCB 8020 Hydraulics problem

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JCB 8020 Hydraulics problem

Post #1 by badvoc0 » Wed Jul 01, 2015 6:21 pm

HI Guys,

Just replaced a hose on my 8020 following a leak (lost about 10 litres of fluid) where it had been rubbing against the chassis, possibly since new. Replacement went ok, got a few drips at the control valve, I think I've got a bit of grit between two of the sections that i had to loosen to disconnect the hose.

Since putting everything back together most functions work fine but the bucket open/close and the dipper in/out don't work at all - no noise, no movement, nothing. I've tried operating the controls for about 10 mins to see if i could purge the system of air but no joy.

Any suggestions?


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