Do You Know What is Dragline?

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Do You Know What is Dragline?

Post #1 by Santu » Sun Jan 17, 2021 7:12 am

A dragline usually refers to a large bucket excavator that is controlled by a system of pulleys, chains, and ropes that hoist the bucket. Dragline buckets are enormous machines that can move many tons of dirt, rock, and overburden.

The system consists of a large bucket suspended from a boom that is moved by the pulley system. The ropes are powered by a strong motor and have two main parts. The hoisting rope, which hoists the bucket from the boom. The drag cable then draws the bucket system horizontally. Using these two main cables, operators can control the bucket and move it around.

Though the largest dragline bucket in the world is no longer in use or existence, it still holds a fond place in record books and the memories of machinery enthusiasts.

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